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My art is driven by a very personal perception of the world, and my reflections on the interaction of our species both with the ‘natural’ world to which we seem to believe we have some superior relationship; and between ourselves as individual humans.

This world perspective is increasingly influenced by my interest in Buddhist thought and meditation practice. I value the capacity it is developing in me to observe the world with objectivity combined with compassion; to be focussed on the tiniest detail while taking the broader perspective into my view; to recognise that imperfection is ubiquitous and embraceable, while striving to reach closer to my ideals; to be concerned with the happiness of my fellow humans and other creatures while recognising the contradictory nature of our species.

To make sense of my world outlook, I use what seems most appropriate to express my response to the world about and within me. Traditional boundaries tend to blur!


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Sarah Gee :: Artist :: Hartlepool