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I am an artist living and working on the coast of north east England.

My work is process-focused, using experimental ceramic, textile and more traditional art materials depending on the demands of projects I am currently involved with.

I have a particular interest in the forces of nature and weather. Maritime influences frequently weave through my work – as does commentary on the state of the world and the impact of human activity.

Work includes short-lived environmental pieces, for instance utilising tidal forces to alter and eventually erase a piece, and recognising the effect of weather as an integral part of the life cycle of the material I have ‘borrowed’ to manipulate for a period of time. Time lapse photography is sometimes used to capture part of such processes.

This website hosts examples of my current range of work, a description of sources of inspiration and a brief biography, as well as contact details.

Visitors to the website are very welcome to contact me about my work and what makes it tick.


All artwork © Sarah Gee unless otherwise indicated. Last updated: January 2010.

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