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I am located in the north east of England, and my work is primarily sculptural and installation-based. Much of it incorporates ceramic processes – but frequently does not use clay, the traditional potter’s material.

The coming together of materials and processes in my work is just a passing moment in their existence. Weathering, dissolution and final destruction of pieces by whatever agency (human intervention, chemistry, physics, weather, tide) is characteristic. I recognise and welcome this lack of permanence – as human beings we are part of a very long-lived world. The earth is likely to last for many millennia after our species has disappeared and our impact on the planet has faded.

In line with these observations I have of the world, I actively encourage alteration in my work by exposing pieces, for instance, to weather or tide. I also generate pieces whose very fragility offers the opportunity for them to express this ephemerality.

In each piece I make, the development of what I am seeking to convey, and the process by which I achieve that, are as important as the end product itself.

While being open to stimuli, influences, perceptions, ideas and emotions, I seek to be focused and methodical in following through to the final making of my work.


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