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I enjoy experimenting.

Over a two-year period I have developed a ceramic material, using plaster and molochite with additions. This is fired once or twice, depending on what I am trying to articulate, often using a reduction programme in a gas-fired kiln.

I work with this experimental material much of the time. The resulting cracked and fractured pieces express for me the fragility of the natural world – the world we are all part of, whether we are single-cell organisms or individuals in complex social organisations.

Firing this material in combination with slip-soaked textile, I find an appropriate way of articulating my sense of the human condition.

I also value the tactility of combining fired materials with the protective softness and drape of woven and unwoven textiles.

As well as this use of textiles, I also work with them in other areas of my art work - particularly through drawing with thread and felt.

I also work with photography, usually allowing the original image captured by the camera to speak for itself.


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