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>> ID 3476 @ SAATCHI : 19 June 2006
ussr1049 have created a page of recent work on the Saatchi 'Your Gallery' website at www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery/artist/details.php?id=3476. We have also been using the online chat room at the site to meet and chat to other artists around the world.

ussr1049 @ saatchi


>> USSR1049 @ CAFEPRESS.COM : 16 June 2006
ussr1049 now have an online shop, courtesy of CafePress.com, where you can pick up the latest in ussr1049 merchandising. Vist the store at www.cafepress.com/ussr1049.

ussr1049 @ cafepress ussr1049 t-shirt


>> USSR1049.CO.UK : June 2006
The new re-designed ussr1049 website is nearing completion. Located at www.ussr1049.co.uk, the site has been re-built by Rik Hammond, to document the latest ussr1049collaborative projects.

ussr1049 website


Orkney based artist collaboratives, ussr1049 and Christil Trumpet (artists Matilda Tumim and Christopher Prendergast - www.christiltrumpet.co.uk), are developing a series of creative projects and exhibitions together, to take place over the next two years. Updates about their collaborative project will be posted on this news page over the coming months.


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