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This website (www.ussr1049.co.uk) is the online presence of the art collaborative ussr1049 (Orkney based artists Rik Hammond and Clare Gee).


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All materials including photographs, documents, text, audio and video files are the copyright of ussr1049 (Rik Hammond and Clare Gee) - or the contributing organisations and individuals who have given their permission for the use of such material for use on this website.

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We collect personal information which you submit voluntarily, such as names and email addresses in our online contact form. We may use software on the website to collects statistics from IP data, such as to determine what times of day people access our site, countries of origin, and length of site visit. We will not share any information provided by visitors to this site with any other external organisation. Information collected via our website will only be used by us for ussr1049 publicity purposes. We never pass on email addresses to 3rd parties.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that information and documents contained on this site are correct and error free, no responsibility or liability can be accepted for any loss or damage incurred as a result of relying on information or downloading files contained within this website. We strongly recommend that you use and regularly update anti-virus software and submit all downloaded documents to a virus checker prior to opening.

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