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is this thing switched on? Technology.

What are you looking at?

So, where to start. Oh I don't know. What do you want to know?

I live in 2 worlds, one of which is »Silly Automatic«

I paid to get in and lost my ticket, so I guess I'm staying put. Actually I like it here and my cheeks are rosey. I am told that I am David. Many times. I guess that will do...for now. 1964 in winter and I was kicking and screaming like I do now. Eventually I grew up only to slide back down again. Some songs, some singing, but mainly any guitar I can get my hands on:

"play the blues boy"
No, you play the blues and I'll take the scenic route.

Verlaine, Sargeant, Gill, Dooj, Townshend, Partridge. Compatriates all.

Sohail and Paul have the glamour, the majic and I adjust accordingly.

Follow me? Don't follow me 'cos I'm following them and they're behind me all the way up.

No manifestos just beautiful noises and I am one of 3 cornerstones of that beauty. Join up see Real colours and shapes. We are waiting for you.

What else can I say that you don't already want to know.

can I go home now?



david wilkinson

david wilkinson

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