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I am a tapestry weaver and printmaker by training, with over twenty years experience as a practising artist and teacher.

The themes that form the basis of my work have to do with how we understand ourselves and our surroundings, and with the ways in which what appears on the surface may not necessarily be what lies underneath. These are enduring themes that we can all relate to. We make assumptions, as we must, about ourselves and our environment, but it is often beneficial to look more closely at what seems most familiar.

The predominant image in my earlier works has been a 'vessel' - a simple pot shape that could take on a variety of meanings: it could quite literally be a pot or it could be seen as something as complex as a human personality. More recently, I have begun a series of works that relate to the working journal of my grandfather, a professional gardener, whose diary 1906-07 recorded his apprenticeship on a Scottish Highland estate. From my study of this diary have emerged a number of ideas relating to the garden and to our relationship with our natural and cultivated landscape. So far, I have been exploring these ideas primarily in the media of woven tapestry and printmaking.

I am interested in the idea of 'looking out' and 'looking in' and with the way in which our presence in a space can alter that environment and how it can in turn change us. I have been working closely with the idea of the 'enclosed garden' and see this as a concept that could be explored in a number of different ways. It offers the potential for a rich variety of meaning. I see the possibilities based around the idea of the 'enclosed garden' in its broadest sense, as a 'place' that makes us reassess both our personal environment and our relationship with the wider world.


Carol Dunbar in her studio in Harray, Orkney

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