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Orkney Art Inspection Board

The Orkney Art Inspection Board have the repsonsibility to carry out assessment, inspection and grading for the arts and crafts across the whole of the Orkney Islands.

The Orkney Art Inspection Board works all year round assessing the standard of excellence and quality in local arts within the county. Individual artists and arts organisations are requested to register with the Board - then, every year, complete our online assessment from which they are graded on a series of pre-determined guidelines before they can become approved by the Inspection Board.

Using a simple to understand grading scheme it provides the reassurance you need about what to expect from the range of art available in Orkney.

Approved artists and organisations are listed on this web site to provide easy reference for the visitor to determine the suitability of any particular artist registered with the Board.

Furthermore, information about artists and organisations who continue to fail to comply with, or fail Board approval, can also be accessed on our web site - which works in conjunction with our online art abuse reporting tool.


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